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Renewable Renovations strives to create unique, energy efficient, and durable structures in the McCall, Idaho area.  Not only do we pride ourselves on building homes to a high level of craftsmanship, but by employing innovative techniques and extreme attention to detail we create homes that consume less energy.  Renewable Renovations is a Certified Passive House Builder through the Passive House Institute US.  We work closely with several Passive House Consultants in Idaho for energy modeling, cost analysis of the upfront investment in the building envelope vs payback in money saved on utility bills over the life of the mortgage, integrated mechanical systems design, and all of the other nitty gritty detail that goes into a super-efficient home.  This sets us apart from other builders in the area and brings us a unique group of clientele.

The climate in McCall is variable to say the least.  We believe that investing in a home that is built to withstand the elements, and provide a certain level of occupant comfort and safety is paramount.  These ideas are not based upon trial and error, but upon the physics of how building enclosures perform in this climate.  This is what Renewable Renovations does and we do it well.

Sustainability is a broad term, especially when applied to new home construction.  Building a home consumes resources–this is a fact. A home that is built to last for 100 years without need of major repair work is more sustainable than something thrown together to look nice until it needs to be repaired.   We have repaired several homes like this and each time it reinforces the need for Renewable Renovations to provide the services that we do.

Occupant comfort and energy efficiency is one of our key goals in building a home.  The heating season in McCall is long and the cost of heating a home with code compliant insulation and air leakage is expensive.  We know the upfront investment to build structures that far exceed these requirements pays for itself time and again during the ownership of the home.  It reduces the overall carbon foot print of the home and this value can be passed on to future owners.